The Premotionals Effect

Promotionals are intended to surprise people. With gifts that communicate something about their sender. What exactly they say isn’t important, as long as they bring a smile to the faces of their recipients. This is the Premo Effect. And we have now translated this effect into a colourful house style and six clear promises.

We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Surprisingly special
Even our most standard promotionals are special because of the free service we provide.
Surprisingly good
Premo offers the pleasant assurance of quality that will exceed your expectations.
Surprisingly quick
Do you have an urgent need for something? We will do our utmost to achieve your desired delivery time.
Surprisingly affordable
You will barely be able to believe that the quality and service we provide is so affordably priced.
Surprisingly refreshing
By cleverly thinking with you, we can arrive at sparkling and effective ideas together.
Surprisingly solid
You are doing business with a partner that combines fresh enthusiasm with a proven track record.